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Thought For Food

Have you heard me say I have a pet peeve? Maybe more than one, but for this article, It's that a word choice to describe something is not quite right.

If you are familiar with me, words are often infinite downloads from Spirit through me. So much so, that you can hear me chuckling, giggling, or outright laughing as Spirit loves amusement-see, just like that one- amusement is to say Spirit loves to laugh and yet is pointing out to me how very much how my guides are my muses and engage with me for moments in time- a muse meant.

So for today, as I was studying what I call the C.D. bible, really known as Cyndi Dale's Advanced Chakra Healing (she is releasing a 2nd edition in November that's available for pre-order on Amazon for 45 ish) for Tuesday night study group with my peers along with another of her releases, New Chakra Healing, as we are diving deeper in the discussion on the backside of the chakras, I was drawn back again to Root Chakra though we are moving into Heart, Throat, 3rd eye and Crown tonight. It brought my attention to focus on my pet peeve in bodywork of a phrase used widely. Mind over Matter.

My peeve is for this reason, or maybe, more reasons, as I, until now, hadn't written expressed this thought about it as a peeve. So, let's see if I can get to the gist of this from a bodyworker's point of view. Mind over Matter, or more accurately in my book, brain or mentality over matter is this idea that your mind can overrule your body and just by thinking, can tell the body what to do. To be more precise in what I sense is the truer meaning meant by the word mind I like to say Consciousness over Matter.

First to my peeve though- I have witnessed many times bodies on the table in which their owner believes that they can apply mind over matter to essentially tell their body what to do. This is usually a person that is perhaps more in their mental body in their approach to life with lesser attention given to their other bodies (subtle yet as powerful-emotional and spiritual, as well as their physical). And, it's beneficial to know that they are typically on the table because whoops, turns out their body had a mind of its own!! And, no matter what they think to tell it, these imbalances have caused discomfort and pain. To date, I believe only a select few in the world manifested the money needed to keep their physical brains in a deep freeze awaiting that next body of matter to house it in post-physical body death. In other words, you can tell your body whatever you want, but if it says enough, we ain't doing this anymore, it wins!! This brings me right to my peeve. Mind for me is really another word describing consciousness. And by the way-none of this will agree with you if you hold your line on there is no such thing as your spiritual self...

Consciousness is our Spirit Body relating with our physical, mental, and emotional body. Your Spirit is eternal and carries intuitive truths, knowledge, and wisdom regarding your infinite wholeness. Your Spirit informs your body with this as part of the marriage of the spiritual life energy and physical life energy. This infinite and universal energy goes by the word Love and forms the initial template or foundation that your body materializes from.

How it ties into the Root Chakra( energy organ governing spiritual life energy and physical life energy to cocreate material matter) via the backside, is by developing a template, a foundation, or a platform to cocreate matter in the form of you. This is where it can get very interesting!

Since your infinite spirit has experienced creating previously to this body of matter, and since your body is a fusion of 2+ other bodies, your parents and theirs and so on, you may have integrated into your template memories/imprints of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that inform, deform, reform, perform, or transform your eternal originating energy from one made of unconditional love to one with conditions. That, in turn, generates information that through the fabulous central nervous system of this body, carries bits of data to be stored in the brain. The brain does love organization, sequencing, and developing a systematic library for these bits of data and whenever our bodies go through an experience, the information continues to be sorted and stored into ideas, thoughts, and beliefs. Bringing my biological mind to what is inherent or inherited? And my consciousness to focus on my originating template in the backside of the root: am I open to receiving unconditional love, am I the essence of unconditional love initially, am I worthy of receiving or being unconditional love, do I matter? Does my physical life and wellness have worthy value? Lastly, what goodness can be birthed and added to the imprint through my thriving despite the inherited imprints?

So, thought for food, or perhaps my version of mind over matter, and head over heels in my love for us all here as co-creators of the infinite Divine. What, in your Infinite Wisdom, would you rather believe?

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