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Therapeutic massage integrating multiple modalities.

Please reach out to learn about 5-session discount packages!

Hand Massage

Jonni's On the Spot Treatment!


This may be specific location of imbalance causing discomfort or broad application such as hands and feet, or shoulders and neck, or back, lower body

Pressure Point Massage

Same as 60 minute session but with the added benefit of allowing the body time to integrate.

Back Massage

Therapeutic massage using combined modalities such as orthobionomy techniques, acupressure, clinical, deep, sports, cupping, stretching, myofacial, and swedish... 60 minutes allows us to address fundamental structural imbalances.

Upper Back Massage

Excellent restoration session. Allows us to create plenty of time to tend to the whole body's needs, whether they be from injury, accident, or daily accumulated tension. Also beneficial for those who do not get massages as frequently as they would like or need.

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