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Jots Inc., Jonianne Jeannette

10464 Neiretto CT

Rancho Cordova CA 95670


Client agreement – Release of liability

Thank you for choosing me as a spiritual consultant to assist you with unseen energies that may influence the quality of your life. Because energy is not always measurable by the human beings’ body senses alone and equally applied to all bodies in the same way, the art or science of reading energy is not yet an established, scientifically measured, licensed practice. Therefore, the pursuit of this knowledge with the support and guidance of one whose interests also lie in the metaphysical pursuits is done with your signature attesting that you are aware that this is informational only and can be considered to be true or less true solely by your self, that you have the right to agree or disagree with any forthcoming information as only you can determine when it resonates for you. No diagnoses or prescriptions are performed as this is not a medically licensed practice. And you are encouraged always to work with all medical practices of your choice separately from these sessions. With enough time, we will all experience the cohered world of metaphysical attunement with medical attunement, for the optimal outcome of all involved….

Please write out your full name and signature of agreement and scan and return to me at

Printed name                                                    Signed and Date

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