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Energy Healing

Below you will discover 3 distinctive energy wellness tools.

Akasha sessions are available either in person as an integration in a Sole to Soul session or as a standalone online via Zoom. 

Mortal Portal is a way to apply an old technology to a new way of self discovery.

Spirit-Collective is a distance group healing with a tweak.

Please reach out with any questions!


60 minute intuitive assessment and guided access into Akashic records, known as the Book of Life, the timeless spiral of personal records located in the field of divine potential.

Image by Rodion Kutsaiev

Designed to accelerate your overall health and well-being by tending to the subtler healing energies.


Ancestral Eye Readings

Mini w/ Pix: $50

+ Personalized Recording: $90

+Live Intuitive Consult: $140


Rather than attending a group healing, a group of healers attend you

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