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In the early morning hours

Spirit organizes for me in such a wonderful way- through surrendering to receive, that when we enter the space of contemplation, we may hear or see, sense, or know what we really need to do to support ourselves on the sustainable energy of pure love.

I was given the outline for what to do next to show up in this world fully and purely as myself. The beauty of allowing Divine Source to support and nourish us lies within the action itself as being personal and universal simultaneously.

To put this into perspective, let me share what my brain has been chewing on for the last weekend.

To put it bluntly, business has been what feels like, muffled, this last month. And I have had the pleasure of learning that these pauses are built-in for receiving and nourishment rather than lack and disturbance. So, as I witness the ebb vs the flow, I enter the void where potential resides. There are many avenues in, and I chose: make me aware of what I need to know when I rejoin the flow. So, Source did. Step by step too! I do know the steps and to have my awareness heightened, brings me right into the flow and I get to feel the serenity of trust in myself and what I am doing, releasing the distress around what can I do to secure this amazing life of mine.

I will try to share with you the rhythm and sensation through the structure and form as the download really is already both.

I was reminded (word emphasis is how I'm guided by the Spirit Collective so I will try to italicize the significant ones so you too can contemplate). Early this morning I became semi-conscious I was whispering over and over the steps on the path to Divine Source within.

My hands clasped and cradled my heart, emphasizing my ability to resource Love, both as a space and place to connect into flow. Flow is the doing/creating/materializing basis that fills the structure and foundation of this life's "work". "Business" is the word describing you doing life!! When Spirit speaks to you, one way to trust what you receive is in your highest good, besides your power to command that goodness through your conviction, desire, and declaration, is to recognize that like a little baby learning to walk, your Spirit parent, gives you guidance in a step by step delivery, instilling virtues of patience, courage, direction, and compassion all the while. I murmured the steps.

Come down from my thoughts. Tune my hearing within. Locate Source residing within my Heart. Specify the location. Feel that spot. Remember.

How do I relate? Stay within, breathe it in. Receive, refill, with Source Love. Feel the point, feel the wave, feel the love. let yourself become. You are, never aren't.

Source Love is never separate, has never been separate, and will never separate. You are woven from it like a comfy blanket, each thread and strand of light birthing into the weave. You express from it and through it, all that you're doing, everlasting.....witness as your light blanket unfolds, growing, rippling, shapeshifting as types of light are woven in, introducing the tapestry of your life. You are the intersection, the interconnection, the Source of your own beginning, and that of your perceived end, and all that lies between. Vast and dense at the same time...your light travels at varying speeds, to contain the motion, build the momentum, burst the expressions, expand the Presence, recede to refill, beginnings and ends...

Well, that last part I recorded as Spirit sat with me to write this. All the love for you, Jonni

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