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From my earliest memories I thought I was just like any other kid, but I seemed to be unusually sensitive and spoke of things and connections others didn’t, my heart seemed to hurt where others didn’t even sense and I spoke to things others didn’t say. Through these experiences, I was led to deepen the understanding of who am I and why is love so important to me? By 18, I was cruising crystal shops and learning about spirit animals, energy centers, and ascended masters and things were starting to fall into place.

I am a 1997 Healing Arts Institute graduate and a 2018 New Life Systems Apprentice (though I have been learning and applying Cyndi Dale’s teaching since 2006), Advance Apprentice 2019/2020 New Life Systems, certificate holder from Spiritual Expansion Academy in quantum healing and coaching, and am in development as an Irigenics ancestral eye reader. I specialize in both in person bodywork techniques and subtle body techniques, in person and virtual.

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Where my passions lie...

In the process of living the life of my dreams, I have found myself more clearly directing my passion for spiritual alignment - becoming more loving, more compassionate, encompassing, and potent. I more easily identify and advocate my needs, even as I do so for others. 


For a very long time, my visual perception of myself has been this incredibly ornate lamppost, illuminating signs and people as our paths intersect. The beauty of being in the light is witnessing the molecules bouncing softly in the mist or with rich definition under the sun. To be well met by myself, and by others, infuses my life with Love, connection, and joy. 


By being the Light, my natural innate psychic gifts have the power to assist me and others in becoming the illuminated spirits embodied wholly, pleasurably, strongly, intelligently, and creatively as we are meant to be. In this opportunity to shine on and for others, I find the phenomena of the flexibility and fluidity of time to be compelling. When journeying Life as Light this way, time can stand absolutely still and simultaneously pass seamlessly; it can shift our being into places and spaces to access knowledge, wisdom, and Love. Time and Light pass through us as if we are golden cellophane, at once whole, as well as transient… 


My abilities to attune to the nuances of Light within another’s time and space are time tested and proven with undeniable synchronicities daily, which affords me to develop trust, faith, and integrity with Spirit. I get to share this with anyone else seeking to know/express themselves truly. 


I do personally strive to work smarter, not harder, while willingly choosing to return another’s investment in their self- discovery, recovery, and process. I believe it is my responsibility to define and provide for my needs, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  


Pausing here a moment as Spirit has asked me to take a closer look at this Light Language: physic- ally, emotion- ally, ment- ally, and spirit- ally. I try to demonstrate the most optimal path of that by being curious, open hearted, and discerning.  
Because I have, obstacles and hurdles are removed or reduced with frequency. All of this feeds my dreams into a coherent reality. 


My gifts are the ability to make visible what can be invisible, the ability to boost or amplify creativity in others, to listen to the soul’s song, to detect the signature vibrations of feelings embedded in our body’s waters, to sense the connections of thoughts and feelings that have created forms serving as building blocks in the backgrounds of our lives. I, like you, am the weaver, the woven one, and the weave, that which is the fabric of our lives. I can show you the same of you. 


I love to share with others how to access their gifts and contributions to this life tapestry. 


The Light communicates through me in bodywork, by capturing still moments in the iris of one’s eyes, in shifting the subtle energies of the Records, or in subtle energy sessions.

All are vehicles we have to create connections as cocreators of our world.  


I believe we are meant to gain awareness of who we are and are truly meant to be.  


I believe we are all incredibly powerful and brimming with full potential, uniquely with a signature essence of being.  


I believe that each of us are singular notes that when expressed together create an incredible sound of song, at times highlighting and individual other times, the whole.  

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