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Mountains in Clouds
Tutorial Classes

Discovering your spiritual gifts and energy management.

More coming soon!


Thursdays, 4:30p Pacific

Join us for a fun and playful live interactive exploration of one of your prime energy bodies known as your chakra system. Learn the spiritual energetic gifts that you were born to use.

Series restarts every 2 months

White Plants

Coming Soon

Want to learn more modernized techniques of manifesting? This class provides foundational knowledge of what is creative energy and how it transforms into a materialized state.

Ray of Light

Coming Soon

Learn how to self activate and regulate fundamental molecules of joy. In one evening we will explore a particular body of light of yours for registration, illumination, and activation.

Vasculature of the Heart

Coming Soon

Let's spend a lovely evening navigating through the 4th chakra, known as the Heart space, the place to develop one's relational energy. We will cover the anatomy, activity, and applications of this translation station.

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