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What sensation does that word awaken within you?

Recently, I was making light of a childhood memory that had surfaced in my mind's eye. It was regarding the post about the 3rd eye. Remember, the 3rd eye is programmed around the ages of 8.5-14yrs and interviews you based on self worth?

Well so, here I am reflecting upon as a child, who were my friends? My friend at the time was also my bully. Maybe you can already see where the word betrayal took me...

As I asked my records through Divine Source's eyes, I very rapidly traveled through the many times in which I was the betrayer.

This is what I love about the records!

I am suspended in grace as each incident is revealed to me and I am heightened in awareness in my heart regarding my actions and behaviors with others. In a place that I can atone, asking from each of those spirit's to grant me forgiveness to grant themselves release of me from their psyche, and asking for forgiveness so to tend my own psyche. Then...

I asked to be shown all the times I've been betrayed.

Whoa- the hurt from most of them feels like a sheen, or as if there was an iridescent barrier between me and that person. This sheen caused my perspective to reflect back to me.

You might have asked often, how could they do this to me? And, you may re experience anger, sadness, aloneness, shock, dismay, hurt, embarrassment, shame. And you may embody all this as if that figure was present still with you.

But again, that's what I love about the records shining in Divine Light, in and through me, opening my awareness to: all that I gave away of myself.

The records unfolded this over days by the way, gently, and you may say relentlessly, but in the best way!

Relentless as I asked to have made clear all throughout my existence, the theme of betrayal. What was the primary theme?

I am the betrayer!

I betray myself, ALL THE TIME.

Whaaat? How do you figure?

Well, easy! I wanted to be loved, liked, and admired!

Don't we all? So, how do I go about that?

For me, I smiled, I gave affection, I made myself helpful and resourceful.

I never once gave myself permission to Source the individual to take things slowly and receive what they were able to show me, or help me with, or give to me in exchange.

I was caught in an external loop of wanting self impressions.

I made it the other's response ability to inform me of who I am. I initiated the betrayal.

Am I any less for being open hearted, loving, considerate of others?

No, I am just equally loving, open hearted and considerate of myself now as well.

Loving without conditions MUST include you.

See my open invitation to energy shifts from the Akasha on Friday nights if you are ready to try this for yourself!! I am posting on ig and via email and if you want to be on that invite, register your contact on my website!!

All the love, always! J

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