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Last night as per lion's gate, portals to dimension, times, and spaces made more available as you are inclined to receive them, I chuckled upon receiving a boost to my ability to ask/receive or to share communication, a 5th chakra spiritual gift.

This boost I asked for to assist me in clearing old memories or experiences that intimidated or scared the bejesus outta me, reducing my ability to transmit...through the pursuit of studies about energy, I've developed better integrity, alignment with Divine Spirit, and sovereignty, thus allowing me to have stronger command of my Clair audience, and various other clairs. But, the timing of hearing this voice come through is precious to me, for it reinforces my trust in my guides as of yet they arent visible to me every day, and my trust in my ability to communicate or convey...

So the reason for my laughter was the message itself. He said, "pay the bill."

After releasing my startlement, I smiled and said to myself, well, that's a fun start. I wonder what he is talking about?

Earlier that day, I had taken care of all my necessary bills and money management.

Since, I figured, time would tell, I noted the message.

So, i just now got home, the next day, and what with all my bill's being digital, hardly ever by mail, i couldn't help but laugh as today's single piece of mail was a bill. From my dentist!

What a great way for me to practice attuning, using daily mundane activities to develop interaction, support, safety, and security. Spirit's got my back!!

I can share much more about the Throat Chakra in my Silver Alchemy, spiritual/energetic gifts development course if you are intrigued!

All my love to you, to Spirit,to verbal intuition! Jonni

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