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Jonianne Jeannette

Intuitive Services that Optimize Your Life

Adept at providing on-the-spot insights for amplifying creativity,  clarifying thoughts and emotions to invite new perceptions, working with subtle energies, and boosting optimal network energy sourcing (BONES).

Assisting people to create and live their dreams.


Services include in-person massage, energy sessions (in person or online), Mortal Portal "eye pics", and tutorials.

A Bit About Me

My interests in intuitive, therapeutic applications directed my pursuit in training along the following modalities: Chakras, aromatherapy, Orthobionomy, clinical massage, deep tissue, acupressure, Reiki, Energy medicine, Akashic records-readings and guidance, mediumship, quantum healing, group healing, ancestral healing, shamanic teachings for us and our ancestors.

My intentions as a guide are to support a shift within the client to their own inner wellbeing so that they too illuminate their amazing spiritual gifts. By using clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance, sometimes even clairalience and clairgustance- I am a light converter-meaning I sense the possibilities and probabilities from the potential from witnessing the silver lining in patterns and themes people experience, and through our expansive hearts, I enjoy helping people relate to different outcomes for them to choose for their highest good.

How What I Do Can Benefit You

Clients can benefit from working with me because my love language is touch.  


Whether receiving a physical body work session, accessing my skills to detect organized and disorganized matter, requesting a guiding hand in identifying emotional entanglement, or a touching conversation about how one sources and organizes information codes to direct their life, holding space and room for our heart's true expression, people come away from their experience with me powerfully touched. If I manage to touch someone on any of these levels, I have come more truly into my own spiritual being. It is when I am most in my element! I seek to share in this life light with you… 


You’re in good hands with me!

So often we hear that people each have spiritual gifts innate to them, yet wonder if they are employing them as part of their jobs. They wonder if it’s the best vehicle for their talents, aligning with their creative expression or fully realizing their creative dream.  


Though I have combined my interests passionately in alignment with my career, I seek to show you your way of bringing your gifts into the world. It may underlie the role you play as an employee, it may support the expression of your gifts in a very practical way that ultimately is still creative. Sometimes, it really isn’t the work you do but the person you are that coheres your gifts into reality. I seek to assist in a new way of sensing how you show up, regardless of what you do. AND if you seek to merge your gifts and careers, why not?  


I believe in I’m-possible. And if I am, so are you!


Together, let’s journey through time/space fabric and become the Tapestry of Illumination as we will!  

A bit About Me
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