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Jonni On The Spot

Intuitive, Therapeutic Massage & Holistic Services

Thank you so much for your virtual visit to Jonni On the Spot, a one-stop shop for metaphysical self-empowerment tools. I have advanced training in Akasha readings, ancestral eye readings, and bodywork/massage.

I very much look forward to working with you.


Please enjoy my site!



Therapeutic massage integrating multiple modalities.

30 min - $55

60 min - $90

90 min - $120

120 min - $140

Please reach out about 5-session discount packages!

Sole to Soul Massage

Sole to soul massage includes intuitive messages such as chakra or auric field readings, psychic impressions, message from spirit, and/or message from those that love you either during the massage or after - as serves you best.


60 min - $143

90 min - $154

Tutorial Classes

Discovering your spiritual gifts and energy management.

Silver Alchemy - $350 (Started July 10)

Molecules of Joy - $40 (Coming Soon)

Signature Creational Energy - $40 (Coming Soon)

Accessing Ones Heart Space - $40 (Coming Soon)

And More...

MELT Classes

The MELT Method® (MELT) is a breakthrough self-treatment system that restores the supportiveness of the body's connective tissue.


60 min - $20


60 min each - $100

Akasha Session

Intuitive assessment and guided access into Akashic records

60 min - $125

Personal Development

Mortal Portal

Ancestral Eye Readings

Mini w/ Pix - $35

+Personalized Recording - $75

+Live Intuitive Consult - $125

Spirit Collective

Rather than attending a group healing, a group of healers attend you


75 mins - $250

Sessions are available by appointment only Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

E-Gift Cards Now Available!!


How What I Do Can Benefit You

To begin with, no matter which tool we use, I start with the firm intention of basing all actions from the heartspace, both mine and yours, as it truly is the seat of the most transformative power, love. The heart is the link to the field of potential that has All available for All. It is the portal both as a place and space, allowing us to fully access our truest divine self, energetically and physically. It is a perfect intersection to assess our actions as they align with our creator intentions, fulfilling our desires for a life of peace, beauty, joy, security, creativity, and connectivity.




If you’re local to me, we can schedule in-person sessions to meet your most immediate needs. Sometimes, it’s making a physical connection to attune the body from daily actions and behaviors, and other times, it’s about metaphysical connections, so I offer both. Therapeutic techniques include: aromatherapy, structural misalignment assessments, deep pressure/tissue, positional release, acupressure, shiatsu, movement, compression, or stretch. Sessions could also include attuning and attending to your soul and spirit, others, guides, or psychic impressions regarding sources of congested , physical, mental, or emotional energy. The intention is sustainable alignment, fitness, health, and feeling well.


Mortal Portal


Capturing your amazing self through the structure and light in your eyes allows me to reveal to you both your unique personality makeup, talents, and gifts, as well as those you share or inherit from your ancestors. Using both the physical aspects of your eyes and my eye structure training and intuitive skills, we can reveal patterns and shift awareness of experiences into optimal outcomes for you. It’s one of the most insightful applications of human ingenuity and technology to serve our Spirit. Universally, we are all being invited to lay the past scars, wounds, traumas, and struggles to rest as they are unraveled and reveal our collective human spiritual strength through love and triumph. Our ancestors seek for us to strive and thrive as the expression of love being so worth it, for them and for you…




Most people may have heard of past lives or that there is a hall of records of each of our lives. The Sanskrit word that represents this is akasha. Working with me through the heartspace allows us to attune to your personal living records for greater understanding, awareness, and often instant transmutation of energetic entanglements that previously obscured your essential self and highest potential as a divine human. I impart the ways for you to develop your access to the records, if you are inclined to it, or to support your intention to receive through me. Either way, you are involved in the conscious act of understanding and learning to love your amazing self and by doing so, we all reap from this heart expansive work, paving the way for global healing.


Personal Development


Working with me through small-group tutorial classes will assist you in developing and rediscovering your personal energetic management skills, assist you in reidentifying your spiritual gifts, and supercharge personal empowerment as you step into leading from your heart. You will gain strength through your conviction, stability in your free will, abundance from recognizing your signature creational energy, identity through differentiation of types of energy, stronger ability to relate to All things, communicate directly in alignment with your Self, foresight, and increased awareness/consciousness. Bonus is you get to have boat loads of fun while doing it!!


Spirit-Collective Session


In 2018 I was guided by my spirit team to understand that Spirit loves, loves, loves the power of group healing. I was asked to show up in it a bit differently - rather than one facilitator to heal many, I was called to raise and expand the essence of love by multiplying the healers for one. I was led to understand that there is great need to assist all of humanity with stepping up individually into what beauty and service one can truly bring into this world through their uniqueness;, that the time is now;, and that as each person strengthens, each adds to the strength of the abundant presence of Love. By attending this expansion, we each do our part for the whole. It’s supercharged and intense to receive simultaneously, and it’s an accelerated rate of shift for you to take full advantage of on your path throughout life. For you, I have collected a few other amazing practitioners with their own tools to meet with you and your needs, standing circle with you to witness and uphold your brilliant Spirit. Be eager and ready to receive!!


Ready to benefit or know someone who is? 


About Me

From my earliest memories I thought I was just like any other kid, but I seemed to be unusually sensitive and spoke of things and connections others didn’t, my heart seemed to hurt where others didn’t even sense and I spoke to things others didn’t say. Through these experiences, I was led to deepen the understanding of who am I and why is love so important to me? By 18, I was cruising crystal shops and learning about spirit animals, energy centers, and ascended masters and things were starting to fall into place.

I am a 1997 Healing Arts Institute graduate and a 2018 New Life Systems Apprentice (though I have been learning and applying Cyndi Dale’s teaching since 2006), Advance Apprentice 2019/2020 New Life Systems, certificate holder from Spiritual Expansion Academy in quantum healing and coaching, and am in development as an Irigenics ancestral eye reader. I specialize in both in person bodywork techniques and subtle body techniques, in person and virtual.

My interests in intuitive, therapeutic applications directed my pursuit in training along the following modalities: Chakras, aromatherapy, Orthobionomy, clinical massage, deep tissue, acupressure, Reiki, Energy medicine, Akashic records-readings and guidance, mediumship, quantum healing, group healing, ancestral healing, shamanic teachings for us and our ancestors.

My intentions as a guide are to support a shift within the client to their own inner wellbeing so that they too illuminate their amazing spiritual gifts. By using clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairvoyance, sometimes even clairalience and clairgustance- I am a light converter-meaning I sense the possibilities and probabilities from the potential from witnessing the silver lining in patterns and themes people experience, and through our expansive hearts, I enjoy helping people relate to different outcomes for them to choose for their highest good.

I have a lot of back and hip pain. I was made comfortable and worked with specialized care for my spinal situation. The attention to detail was amazing and I was given information on continued personal care at home to relieve the pain. I will always be grateful for the care and my decision to go to Jots Inc.

Kari H.


10901 Folsom Blvd. Suite B
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670


(916) 852-8771

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